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W0001_Waterman red and black ripple NO. 56.......$645



W0002_Waterman No. 7 PINK with pink nib.  Wet noodle flexible......$1150


W0003_Cardinal 56 large size in great condition.  Little wear to imprint but legible

No. 6 fine point nib with just a little flex.  Very smooth.......$1255



W0004_Rare Cardinal 54 in excellent condition.  Some wear on edges of clip and spot on lever.

Fitted with a double broad very flexy 14k Waterman nib.  14cm in length.......$535



W0006_Patrician in Nacre.  Color is better than most with some minimal ambering.  Trim in very good condition.

Fine point nib with some flex.......$1250



W0009_Red and black ripple hard rubber No. 55.  Rare model in great condition........$385.00



W0010_Rose ripple No. 94 pen/pencil set in near perfect condition.  Best that I have ever seen........$2085



W0011_No. 12 in like new condition.  Early pen with imprints on cap.  I really mean like new......$SOLD



W0012_No. 14 early slip cap eye dropper.  Pat date on cap of May 24, 1898.  Early

two line barrel imprint deep and clear no wear.......$SOLD



W0013_No. 58 in about the best condition that I have seen.  Trim in great

condition.  Fine point manifold nib.......$1785



W0014_Very rare hard rubber desk set.  Have seen only two complete sets.  Bottom square base

is 6X6" and 1" thick.  Near mint condition no oxidation........$SOLD





W0015_Rare 1924 store advertising display.  Tall 29" by 15 wide.  Blue velvet with

gold piping.  Slots for 8 dummy pens (included).....$1495.00



W0016_1924 counter top advertising display.  Note on back from LE Waterman on use. 

Slots for 6 dummy pens(not all included)......$845.0



W0017_1924 counter top advertising display.  Blue velvet 7X2" blue velvet.

Has loaner note from LE Waterman on back.  Pen not included......$485.0




W0018_52 ripple in perfect color and condition.......$195


W0019_Early enameled metal store advertising display sign 30X8".  Exceptional condition and no rust.....$565.0


W0020_No. 7 tray ballons match nib colors.  Have two of these available.....$220.00



W0021_Origianl Waterman tray......$185.00



W0022_52 ripple in excellent condition.  No faults.  Medium nib......$195



W0023_Patrician in green.  Minor discoloration for this plastic. Med nib with a bit of flex.....$1085



W0024_Waterman No. 20 largest made.  Pen is a bit over 6 1/2 inches.  Eyedropper with good

imprints.  All original.  An all original very rare pen......$SOLD



W0025_Waterman No. 20 chased black rubber.  Perfect dark black condition.  Box not available....SOLD


W0026_Large 56 in exceptional condition.  No trim wear or oxidation.  Med pt nib.  Pencil works perfectly.......$SOLD



W0027_Solid 14k including clip.  No. 552 1/2 LEC in really mint condition.  Box also in perfect condition.......$1550



W0028_Man 100 Olive Wood.  Perfect condition.......$295



W0030_14k hand engraved vine with interesting engraving.  Perfect.......$1685



W0031_Patrician in turquoise perfect color.  Trim excellent.  $2379


W0032_Patrician in turquoise perfect color.  Matches pen above.  Color is a perfect match no staining.  $SOLD



W0033_No. 7 Pink band and rare pink nib.  Great deep ripple color and deep imprints.  No wear to trim  $1295


W0034_Rhaposody Man 100 ballpoint Red Ripple.  Was not retailed in the US.... $245


W0035_No. 5 Green band and green keyhole nib.  No wear to trim.  Great pen... $595


W0036_No. 5 Purple band and purple keyhole nib.  No trim wear.  Another great pen.... $535



W0037_No. 5 pink band and pink keyhole nib.  

Excellent condition.....$950



W0038_No. 94 blue ripple.  Great condition with just minor trim wear.  Nob has a bit of flex....$HOLD


W0039_No. 94 olive ripple.  Color is exceptional....$475


W0040_No. 52 ripple.  Excellent condition with fine pt. stiff nib....$135


W0041_Patricican in perfect condition.  Absolutely no wear....$2250


W0042_Nacre Patricican set in perfect condition.  No ambering and no wear....$2650


W0043_No. 42 18KR gold plate Continental safety.  No wear.  Fine pt very flexy nib.  Great line variation......$550




Waterman #7 Red Ripple - Pink nib (5-1/2")
 Correct "pink" nib and pink band (replacement) on the cap.
The pen is in excellent condition. The barrel imprint is weak, but complete....



W0044_No. 42 18KR gold plate Continental safety.  No wear.  BB oblique nib with a little flex......$550