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P001_Pelikan M900 TOLEDO new never used with all papers and inner

and outer boxes.........$1496




P002_Pelikan 100.  Perfect.  Fine point nib.  Grey band. Beautiful clean pen.....$550.00



P003_Near mint 100N green binde clear green ink window.  Like new

marked 0BBB on twist knob oblique nib.....$475



P004_100N grey binde green ink window.  Fine pt nib with flex.....$335.00




P005_100N first year set tortoise binde.  14 karat medium pt nib. 

Perfect condition.  Both pen and pencil work perfectly.....$1195


P006_400N reissue mint never used with box.  Smooth medium pt. nib.....$495


P007_100N green body barrel a bit cloudy.  Medium pt nib.....$285.00



P008_100N grey body hard rubber cap.  Fine pt nib.....$345.00


P009_420NN.  No dents or ding and no other problems.  This is a gorgeous set in

pristine condition.  OB nib and very flexible....$1095



P010_420NN.  This pen is in pristine condition.  OB nib and flexible....$695


P011_400 green striped barrel nice and clear ink view.  14C very flexy nib.....$235


P012_400 brown tortoise barrel nice and clear ink view.  Medium pt nib.....$295



P013_400 Pen and ballpoint set.  Both excellent condition.  Pen fitted with

flexible medium nib.  Clear ink window.....$350



P014_400NN excellent condition with clear ink window.  Like new with 14C med. flexy nib.....$245



P015_140 in great condition with clear ink window.  14C broad oblique flexy nib.....$245



P016_M1050.  Vermeil cap gold over sterling.....$795





P020_ Green M800 demonstrator new in box.  These were not made for US import.....$HOLD


P021_ 100N pencil matches P003 above.  Perfect.....$100


P022_ 100N in perfect condition.  No wear clear ink window.....$530


P023_ 100 in near mint condition.  No wear clear ink window.  One of the best that I have seen....$565


P024_ 100N outstanding condition.  No trim wear and ink window perfectly clear.....$445


P025_ 400 in great conditon.  Fine pt very smooth nib.....$285


P026_100N.  No trim wear light surface wear.  Nib marked CN which I believe is wartime.....$225


P027_100N near mint condition.  No wear and perfectly clear ink window.  CN OBBB nib.....$525


P028_100N all tortoise except red hard rubber turning knob.  Excellent

condition no damage.  Medium flexible nib.....$1195


P029_100N in black.  No wear and clear ink window.  Fine pt stiff nib.....$SOLD



P031_100N green with just slightly opaque ink window.  No trim wear.


broad very flexible stub nib that is a dream to write with......$465


P032_Pelikan M800 Souveran in perfect condition.  Box and papers. 

Available in14c F early pen or 18C F nib later production.....$465



P033_Pelikan M800 Souveran in perfect condition.  Medium 18c nib.....$450


P034_1936 Pelikan 100.  Binde is hallmarked Au750 and 18ct alternating fish scales

and smooth panels.  Absolutely perfect with amber colored ink window.....$1550


P035_100N in near perfect condition.  Clear green ink window.  M nib with a bit of flex.....$475



P036_New York in the city series.  18C medium nib.....$345



P037_Pelikan Blue Ocean new never opened still in shrinkwrap.  Three available

Selling for a friend who will entertain reasonable offers.....$575



P038_Ceramic pen holder approximately 6 inches in height....$159