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I am Conrad(Pete) Kirby living in McKinney Texas just a short drive North of Dallas. My wife and I moved here after retirement to be near the grandkids.

I have collected and repaired vintage pens for many years. My early Watermans are mostly gone and the bulk of my collection is an outstanding group of Conklins and early Parkers. I would love to add to my collection so please contact me should you have any for sale or trade. I buy and sell pens on Ebay as Petespens so do drop by from time to time Click Here. I attend all of the major shows so please stop by and say hello. 

Selecting a fountain pen is best accomplished at a pen show where it can be examined from top to bottom. I will try to get as close to this as possible. To accomplish this I intend to keep the site as simple as possible and try to provide personalized service. You won't find a cart or check out, but you will find a link to my email address. Just click my email address if you find something that you cannot live without and we can go from there.

I will accept just about any type of payment and have found that Paypal is best for international purchases. By the way, I will ship to just about anywhere in the world.

Thanks for visiting my site and rest assured of my commitment to your satisfaction in purchasing one of my pens. 



Dallas Pen Show