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C0001_Long Cap Sr Endura c.1924 in exceptional condition.  Produced for short period after ceasing

production of the Duragraph.  Blanks were probably left over from Duragraph production.

All original and no trim wear.  1/2" longer than Sr Endura.......$785.00



C0002_Long cap Endura in red hard rubber.  All original.  Large hefty pen measuring over

5 1/2 inches closed as above.  Great for the larger hand.......$875



C0003_Absolutely gorgeous hand painted pencil.  These are very rare and seldom find them.

Wish I had the pen.......$On Hold


C0004_Very rare Symetrik in yellow, brown/black plastic.  This is the largest Sr size 5 1/2 inches.....$1485



C0005_Little brother to C0004 above.  Yellow, brown and black Endura......$445.



C0006_Large No.76 a bit over 5 5/8".  First lever filler made by Conklin.

Jet black rubber, crisp chasing and imprints.  All original.....$875.



C0007_Large Cougar figural base 9X4.5".  Good patina.....$325




C0009_Elephant base perfection condition.  Note the ivory colored tusks.....$375



C0010_Early long lever No. 46.  Great black color and no wear.  Exceptional pen fine pt very flexy nib......$285.




C0011_Student special like new in box......$195.



C0012_Endura Symetrik Sr size 5 1/4 inches.  Decent color smooth med point nib.....$235.

C0013_Conklin Endura Symetrik the largest size made.  Exceptional condition no wear.....$360



C0014_Student pen.  Flat top series in black and white.  Unusual pattern in barrel.  Perfect.....$685



C0015_All American in burgundy web.  Great conditon.....$265



C0016_All American in perfect condition.....$365



C0017_Symetrik set in very good color.  Standard size.....$375.



C0018_Prototype or just not completed??  Symetrik Sr size with slot for cap band cut but no band.

Pen is in mint unused condition with original price sticker......$2785



C0019_Dark green student pen.  More rare than Endura....$185.



C0020_Light blue student pen.  Beautiful color....$155.


C0021_Green student pen.  Perfect color and great condition...$155.




C0022_All American plunger filler.  Ink window little ambered.....$225.



C0023_Short version of student special.....$95




C0024_Red hard rubber long cap Endura.  Short production so very rare.....$725





C0025_No. 26.  First try Conklin had at a lever filler.  Pen has good black color and

deep imprints.  Flexible No. 2 nib.  No trim wear.....$225




C0025_Nozac double pen desk set with two green Nozac desk pens.....$1475




C0026_Rare All American in blue marble with SUNRISE clip.  No trim wear.....$285




C0027_Desk or counter top case. Felt in great condition and holds a bunch...$SOLD




C0028_Dark green student pen.  Price sticker on cap top.  Perfect conditon.....$455




C0029_A very rare Ensemble.  Probably the second rarest.....$750




C0030_Early ladies ring top.  Note the long lever, Conklins first try at a lever filler pen.....$125



C0031_Symetrik like small black pen.  New old stock with price sticker.....$155



C0032_Coklin Ensemble in really great condition.   One of the two rarest colors....$695



C0033_Duragraph in all original condition.  Stabilized lip crack.  No wear to gold.  Perfectly black grey color due to photography..$475



C0034_Duragraph in all original condition.  Unusual excellent barrel imprint. 

Measures 5 3/4 inches as in photo.  Rubber is completely black no oxidation.  No wear to gold trim...$SOLD


C0035_Conklin All American in grey lizard.  Just a little wear on cap bands.  X-fine Conklin Toledo nib...$235


C0036_Rare Conklin green and bronze student pen.  Both pen and pencil in perfect working condition....$645


C0037_Conklin pencils.  I have many others so please write for prices....$


C0038_Rare Conklin painted pen in exceptional condition....$345


C0039_Really rare verde green Endura letter opener.  9 inches in length....$295


C0040_Endura Symetrik in exceptionally good color.  5 1/4 inches....$285


C0041_Black and cream student pen.  Just a bit of wear to cap band....$385


C0042_Very rare stub Duragraph in perfect condition.  Deep imprints......$895



C0043_Very rare spider web desk base.  Blue cabochon in center......$595



C0044_Early Conklin repair box.  Has insert for holding alcohol lamp.  Small bins below......$Sold



C0045_Early Conklin counter top display case.  Great condition and unusual glass bottom rather than wood......$455




C0046_Early Endura desk base in blue celluloid. 

Matching pen available.  Photo actual size......$SOLD



C0047_Early Endura desk base in dark green celluloid. 

Matching pen available.  Photo actual size......$495




C0048_Early Endura desk base in black/bronze celluloid. 

Matching pen available.  Photo actual size......$SOLD



C0049_Early Endura desk pens match bases above.......$185 each



C0050_Large Endura desk base 10 X 6 inches.  Marble has greenish tint.......$350




C0051_Conklin Ensemble all available colors.  Please write for prices.......$Write



C0052_Sr or oversized Endura pencils.  Please write for prices......$Write



C0053_Symetrik pencils.  Please write for prices......$Write

















Crescent Filler



CF0001_Large No. 3 size hand engraved vine pattern.  Exceptional condition and no dents or

dings.  No engravings.  Just a near perfect very old pen......$1245



CF0002_Rare S4 slip cap with the VV clip.  Not many of these around.  Just a little oxidation......$635



CF0003_Exceptional red hard rubber crescent filler.  Only negative is an inscription

on the cap band, and it is nicely done in script.  The rubber still has the tiny black specks

which indicates no wear.  Imprint is as clear as when it was hot stamped........$1295



CF0004_Mottled red & black hard rubber crescent filler.  Rare short model......$585.00



CF0005_Wonderful large Endura in red hard rubber.  Great imprint.  Very rare pen......$2300


CF0006_No. 50 in perfect condition.  No wear, jet black and great imprints.  ......$589.00



CF0007_Hand engraved vine and flowers.  Absolutely perfect condition and no engravings.....$845



CF0008_Very rare Crescent filler Endura.  Imprint weak but legible.....$485


CF0009_Early No. 3 with floral engraved cap band.  No. 3 stiff 14k fine pt. nib......$195


CF0010_Red hard rubber crescent filler no faults.  No brassing on trim, and no cracks....$Hold


CF0011_Rare sterling 3 size in great conditon.  Early slip cap No. 3 flexible nib....$2295



CF0012_Early S3 slip cap red/black hard rubber.  No. 3 stiff nib....$485.00



CF0013_50 with a med. pt nib.  W style chasing on matching cap band. Pen is like new...$555.00


CF0014_Art Noveau pattern.  No. 2 size.  Fine pt flex nib.  Date on cap 12-25-17....$495


CF0015_Rare sterling vest pocket great conditon.   Early raised threads.  Only 4" long.  No. 3 flexible nib....$1225


CF0016_Very rare first of the hard rubber crescent fillers No. 316.  Came with either

cone or more rare taper cap....$1150



CF0017_All covered in 3 size.  Absolutely no faults.  Alternating 5 lines and smooth......$775




CF0018_Rare stub lined in excellent condition.  No dings.  Fat and less than 4" long.  3 size flexy nib.....$850




CF0019_4NL without clip for carrying in a leather pen case.  Very fine pt nib some flex.....$245



CF0020_5NL great color.  Early with the raised barrel threads.  Fine pt flexy nib.  No clip....$495




CF0021_Outstanding No. 50.  Like new condition.  Pen is just a bit longer than the Parker Sr Duofold....$550 ON HOLD




CF0022_Hand engraved vine and flower.  Absolutely beautiful pen...$1055



CF0023_Minor wear to cartouche.  Fine pt Toledo nib...$495 ON HOLD



CF0024_Just a little surface wear.  Fine pt No. 2 Toledo nib...$495


CF0025_Very rare first of the hard rubber crescent fillers No. 316.  Came with either

cone or taper cap....$1065


CF0026_Crescent filler military clip made so that the pocket flap could be closed.

Excellent condition with No. 2 fine pt flexy nib....$255


CF0027_Gold filled filligree in the leaf pattern.  Outstanding condition...$755


CF0028_Gold filled filligree in the art noveau pattern.  Just the slightest oxidation...$785


CF0029_An earlier slip cap filigree in excellent condition.  Box is the earlier slide in version...$1075



CF0030_Crescent filler Duragraph.  Imprint not legible, and not unusual.  Great and rare pen...$875



CF0031_Early sterling filigree in excellent condition.  Art Noveau or Heart pattern....$1495


CF0032_No. 3 early slip cap.  Three leaf pattern....$785


CF0033_No 40 that is like new.  Rubber perfectly black.  Great flexible nib....$455


CF0034_No 40 crisp chasing and no oxidation.  Beautiful 14k 1/5 wide band.  Flexy nib....$485 ON HOLD


CF0035_No 50 in exceptional condition no oxidation.  Double broad flexible nib....$635


CF0036_S3 early slip cap perfect color.  Only $3 in 1913.  Probably never see another like it.  Flexy nib....$995


CF0037_S3 early slip cap in sterling.  Great color and excellent condition.  Flexy nib....$1860


CF0038_$ sign pen in perfect condition.  No faults.....$965


CF0039_451 Crescent Filler chased.  From early 1900s.  This is a large diameter pen.....$1785


CF0040_316 Crescent Filler chased.  From early 1900s.  Just about perfect.....$1375


CF0041_121 Crescent Filler smooth hard rubber.  From early 1900s. Same diameter as CF39 above.....$1575


CF0042_Short version of CF010 above.  Much more rare....$895


CF0043_My favorite Conklin filigree.  Lots of black.  Perfect....$795













E0001_Dark green Endura Sr.  Fantastic condition........$835



E0002_LAPIS blue Sr Endura set. Never used with price stickers.......$Sold



E0003_Black and bronze Endura Sr. Fine point Endura nib........$515.00



E0004_Very rare early Endura.  Rounded cap and barrel.  Fine pt Endura nib........$585.00



E0005_Stub Sr. Endura.  Same diameter as regular Sr size but over

3/4 inch shorter.  Rather rare pen.....$475.



E0006_Beautiful Endura desk set in the dark green(Verde).  Set is in perfect condition......$675




E0007_Sr Endura in black plastic.  Fine point nib with some flex.  Just a little wear on cap band.....$425.



E0008_Sr Endura in blue Saphire.  Exceptional like new set......$HOLD.




E0009_Imperial Endura.  Deep blue rather than black and only in standard size.

Completely reconditioned and in perfect condition.....$475.



E0010_Vest pocket Endura.  Only 4 1/4 inches.  Fantastic condition all original.....$235



E0011_Sr size in woodgrain hard rubber.  No wear oxidation great deep barrel imprints.....$645




E0012_Sr in red plastic.  Really nice pen.....$575



E0013_Sr in black/bronze.  Good color and no trim wear.....$485



E0014_Lady Endura in perfect condition.  Color is exceptional for this pen.....$185



E0015_Jr. size in black and bronze.  All original and great condition.....$225



E0016_Jr. in the dark green.  Color is more like E01 above.  Pristine condition.....$265




E0017_Sr. in saphire.  All original and no wear.  Color, imprint, etc all perfect.  Best that I have ever seen.....$495




E0018_Standard or Jr. size with no trim wear.  Fitted with a fine pt Toledo nib.....$145



E0019_Sr set that is perfect.  No faults.....$995



E0020_Sr set that is perfect.  No faults.....$Hold



E0021_12 pen salesman sample case.  Perfect condition.  Pens not included....$455






















N0002_The cornerstone of any Conklin collection.  7M chevron line in red/grey.  Excellent with

just a couple of marks on twist knob.......$2160 


                                                               N0003_Grey Chevron in standard or 5M size with wordgage.  Fine point Cushon nib........$545.00



N0004_May be the rarest color Nozac.  5M or standard size.  Like the day it came from the factory.......$575



N0005_ Sr striped Nozac.  Fantastic pen with no wear.  Clear ink window.  Fine pt nib......675



N0006_Sr. Chevron line.  Chevron cap band.  Good deep barrel imprint.  High quality pen......$695



N0007_Grey stripe Jr or standard size Nozac.  Excellent color and no wear.....$285.00



N0008_Standard or 5M Chevron in great condition.  Medium pt nib.....$525.00



N0009_Standard or 5M Chevron in great condition.  Rare red/grey......$SOLD



N0010_Standard or 5M with word gauge in foliage green.  .....$365.00



N0011_Senior or oversize V-line.  Exceptional color ...$675

Also have the Jr or 5M size.....$465



N0012_Standard size Nozac red/grey stripe.  5M wordguage.....$.00




N0013_Early 12 facets standard size Nozac.  Great condition name engraved.....$265.00



N0014_Rare Pat. Pending before QuickFill stamped on barrel.....$145.00



N0015_Sr size V-line Nozac in outstanding condition.  Consignment pen.....$525.00




N0016_Sr size V-line Nozac never inked.  Ink window is perfectly clear. Gasket visible in ink window.....$1125.00




N0017_Jr or 5M size V-line smaller version of above.  Great color and no wear......$385.00


Also have this pen with price sticker...$585.00




N0018_Jr or 5M size V-line grey "brick" pattern.  Excellent condition.....$425.00




N0019_Early round 5M size in foliage green.  Has crescent below clip.  Decent visibility ink window.....$355.00




N0020_Grey(yes it is grey) Chevron pencil.  Works perfectly.....$165.00



N0021_ V line smooth round vest pocket.  Much more rare than the red faceted.....$SOLD




N0022_ V line smooth round vest pocket.  Clipless model probably as a purse pen.....$SOLD




N0023_Grey V line round pencil like above.....$135



N0024_7M wordguage.  Really unusual early 12 faceted Nozac with crescent on cap.

Drs. name on cap.  Perfect condition.....$545



N0025_V line standard size.  Very good condition only minor surface wear.....$355



N0026_V line Sr. or 7M size in perfect condition.  No trim wear and no chew marks.

Ink widow is only slightly ambered.  Fine pt cushon nib.  Restored.....$625



N0027_V line Jr or 5M size in green "brick" pattern.  Restored.....$425



N0028_V line Jr or 5M size in red "brick" pattern.  Restored.....$425




N0029_V line Sr in brown "brick" pattern.  Restored.....$685




N0030_7M or Sr. size in green marble.  Darker of the two green colors.  Restored.....$675



N0031_7M or Sr. size in green marble.  Like above but lighter color.  Restored.....$675


N0032_7M or Sr. size in black and gray marble.  Very rare I know of only four.  All have a Chicago imprint.....$1375  



N0033_7M size in rose color.  Very rare as this is a Pat. Pending pen.  Only second Sr size that I have found.

Pat. Pending means this is the first of the Nozac line........ $SOLD 



N0034_Early Pat Pending in great working condition.  Minimal surface wear and none to trim. Jr. size....... $455 



N0035_One of the rarer colors in brown and yellow in the Jr. size....... $550 




N0036_Early Pat Pending pen in foliage green.  Working condition.  Jr. size. No trim wear...... $315 



N0037_Sr size in grey stripe.  Exceptional with crisp edges.  No trim wear.  Fine Cushon pt nib....... $475 



N0038_Very rare Nozac DEMONSTRATOR in excellent condition.  Have only seen several of these....... $885 



N0039_Large and early 7M Sr. with nice clear inkwindow.  DOUBLE BROAD stub nib smooth as glass.

No trim wear and just a great pen....... $525 



N0040_Early 5M or Jr. size Nozac with very clear ink window.  No trim wear....... $375 



N0041_Nozac in the largest 7m size with medium Cushon Point nib.  No trim wear....... $475 



N0042_Rose Nozac in 6m size with fine Cushon point nib.  No trim wear....... $ 




N0043_Short round Nozac.  Both working....... $375 




N0044_Short round Nozac.  Both working....... $375