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M0006_MB 4KEF Safety.  No. 4 medium broad flex nib.  Cap is perfectly black as is barrel.  Pen shows little

to no wear.  All original including the sterling snake clip.  Great imprints......$2045




D0022_Sr green permanite.  The best color that I have ever seen.  Pen is like new

crisp fluting on blind caps and no trim wear.  All original......$2300




D0043_The best black and pearl Sr Streamline(ca 1934) that I have ever had.  Unbelievable color

with bright pearl and black.  No wear anywhere.  Fine pt Duofold Delux nib.......$1800



V0001_ Carter in very rare coral plastic.  Perfect color.  Carter INX medium point

very flexible nib.  5 1/4 inches in length.  Fantastic pen.......$530



V0002_ Largest Leboeuf in black and bronze.  Near perfect condition

with hugh No. 8 medium stub by Mottishaw.......$1800



V0006_Diplomat by Diamond Medal.  A rare and highly collectible very large pen......$645